The Inspiration

"In 1672 the Tulip Society of Haarlem in Holland offered a prize for the discovery of a large black tulip, a thing which had not yet been accomplished, and which was considered impossible, as at that time there did not exist a flower of that species approaching even to a dark nut brown. It was, therefore, generally said that the founders of the prize might just as well have offered two million as a hundred thousand guilders, since no one would be able to gain it."

Alexandre Dumas La Tulipe Noire , published in 1850


The Search for Perfection

TULIPE NOIRE is the impossible journey of finding true perfect beauty. Like the Dutch gardeners of the seventeenth century we dedicate our time to achieve the ultimate Lady eyewear model. Every day we experiment with marvelously delicate manipulations, trying to combine floral inspiration design with exquisite feminine details by a sort of grafting. We grow original ideas until they reach the status of a mature prototype, we select the ones with the highest potential and mix them with each other again and again. We will not stop until we have created the perfect TULIPE NOIRE.

And when it seems we are almost there, achieving the ultimate goal, we start again, knowing that there is still more to be done. Still more to give.


The Design

The design of TULIPE NOIRE is based on grafting some floral inspiration such as flowers or leaves details onto a structure derived from the lace art crafting. This subtle combination creates some decorative arabesques that are dressing each face in an unique manner.