The Art Movement

DeStijl is a Dutch art movement named after De Stijl magazine. This magazine was a project run by artist and publicist Theo van Doesburg in 1914. The De Stijl members were striving for a radical art reform, on par with the technical, scientific and social changes in the world at that time. This radical art reform is found in a much wider perspective than art alone.



The Collection

Like the De Stijl movement that searched for a radical angle to art and design, DeStijl-eyewear also has a radical approach to eyewear design. DeStijl-eyewear doesn’t design for the masses; it designs high-quality eyewear for the generously proportioned face – a small, but very important group. A group that recognizes and appreciates the technical aspects and nimble ergonomic feel of DeStijl eyewear.



The Designer

We decided to create De Stijl with the idea of combining the EUROVISIE experience in distributing eyewear together with a skilled and experienced eyewear designer. That is how we came to meet J at the New York Vision Expo in 2006. We decided to work passionately together on this project. J has a different and interesting profile, having graduated from a mechanical engineering school in France and also as a graduate from a well-known design institute in Switzerland.