Our brands

The successful You’S Amsterdam, Youpi!, Tulipe Noire and De Stijl collections are designed by the Dutch Eurovisie design team and are a prime example of Dutch design, surprising, smart and bold designs, and emphasizing the Dutch sense of humor, which has shown to be very successful internationally.

Fun and vibrant collections that offer a fantastic blend of YOU-nique styling and high quality materials!

Designing with a vision

Our collections are made up of a broad selection of fashionable and timeless frames. They are designed in a stylish and organic manner, so that they become an ornament for the wearer's face. To do this we take into account all the shapes, sizes and colours of faces. Everyone can find a frame that suits him or her in the You'S, Youpi! and Tulipe Noire collections.



The Eurovisie designers get their inspiration from the latest trends and themes used in fabrics, interior and fashion. They visit international fabric, materials and design fairs, read many fashion and lifestyle magazines and surf the internet for inspiration. They look around on the street, in shops and even when they travel. All the useful features of this research are incorporated in a trend book, which serves as a basis for the creation of a new collection. The developments in production techniques and new materials of our international manufacturers are also a source of inspiration