About us

From an attic project to an international business

The You’S Amsterdam, Youpi!, Tulipe Noire and De Stijl collections are perfect examples of real ‘Dutch Design’.  Eurovisie, the company which produces these collections, is established in Den Dungen, in the Netherlands. Started in Holland but with an undeniable international appeal!

1998. A down-to-earth business man, Han Bulten established the company Eurovisie World Wide BV from his attic in a small village in the south of the Netherlands. After having represented several spectacle frames brands for 15 years, he decided to establish his own company and launch his own brand. You’S Eyeworks (which he pronounced as U.S): a collection of trendy frames, which showcase a passion for designing. Han’s aim was to appeal to a large audience using crisp, punchy colours and qualitative materials.

Han did not believe in advertising; he preferred to focus on quality and a good price and on offering excellent service instead. ‘’Let my product speak for itself’’ he used to say. He found his first foreign customer in Belgium: RMG Fashion Frames. After Han’s first participation in the renowned Silmo optical fair in Paris in 2002, Eurovisie really took off. International interest boomed.

Han sold the business in 2006 to Haye van der Werf and Roeland van Lohuizen.

The Next Step

In 2008 another collection was launched, Youpi! The styles and values of the You’S brand had been sublimely translated into frames for children. The result was a children’s collection easily differentiated from other brands.

In 2011, after more than a year of research, development and fine-tuning, EUROVISIE announced the launch of 2 brand new stylish labels: Tulipe Noire and De Stijl. The Tulipe Noire collection is distinguished by its fashionable design, perfect workmanship and elegant image. Just like You’S and Youpi!, it has been entirely in-house designed by EUROVISIE’s designers.

De Stijl is a men's collection following in the footsteps of the artists that stood at the origins of the Stijl Holland 1924 movement. Each model’s basic design is a search for harmony through the use of lines and right angles and for the balance between the colours underlining the composition.

A new era

In the beginning of 2016, Eurovisie was taken over by Christer Nilsson, Magnus Lennartsson and Jerome Morillere. The latter two were already a part of the Eurovisie team from 2014 and onwards. From this moment Eurovisie World Wide was renamed to simply Eurovisie but with the same famously international appeal.

In the second part of 2016, You’S Amsterdam will be extended with a high class segment, that shows what You’S Amsterdam and Dutch design is all about. Quality materials combined with minimalistic, smart designs. Also DeStijl will show a couple of surprises. With interesting collection developments and quality segmentations that show what is possible within the famous DeStijl design principles.


It’s all about service

Why is Eurovisie so successful? The list of elements that contributed to the brand’s success is long. The key element is the concept ‘Dutch Design’, which stands for: clear-cut, gutsy and original designs. In addition to this, the fact that the collections are highly wearable and the attractive price/quality ratio also plays a major role.

The fact that Eurovisie designs its own frames is also very important. "We are proud of designing the frames ourselves and do not believe in doing the same thing as everyone else", says Jerome Morillere, Creative Director at Eurovisie. "We like to leave our own mark on our collections". Eurovisie pays a lot of attention to details, fit and functionality. Every aspect is carefully checked before a design becomes final. The outcome is that the frames are eminently wearable. Moreover, the collections are manufactured under the strict quality supervision of the head office in Den Dungen.

Another asset which gives Eurovisie an edge on the competitors, is the stock management system. All orders are delivered from stock. Orders which are placed before 2 p.m. leave our warehouse the same day! As a result, distributors and opticians do not need to have their own stock, which is a unique advantage for them. In addition, all the parts of various models are available very quickly. Our friendly and motivated staff members in the internal and external services of Eurovisie contribute to making this company a well-oiled machine, in which service is of paramount importance. Because – to put it in the founder’s words - service is the best advertising!